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Are you in the process of Learn to surf and want to have fun in the process? We recommend you start your learning with a Mini Surf Longboard. These boards are perfect to start with as they are bulky and easy to ride. Thanks to its size, the board offers stability and makes it easy to practice the takeoff. In Flysurf We have the perfect beginner surfboards for you to learn while having fun! Find them here!

How are the Mini Longboard Surfboards

Mini Longboards are large boards with a rounded nose, but smaller than longboards. These are highly recommended for learning to surf. Thanks to their large size, they can provide greater stability in the wave but at the same time, being shorter than the longboard boards They are more maneuverable. It is the perfect mix of an easy board to surf when you learn, and you can always use it as a longboard on small days once you have more level. We recommend our model surfboard 8.0 Cold Hawaii.

Find the best Mini Longboards Surfboards in Flysurf

Choosing the surfboard Suitable for initiation, it will allow you to learn better and faster, and gain confidence on the board and on the waves. Therefore, good advice is important. If you want to buy the best surfboard, do not hesitate to enter our online surf shop. Here you will find tables for each type of level. You just have to choose the one that best suits you and what you are looking for.