Hybrid Surfboards

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Hybrid Surfboards

Do you want to row more easily? We recommend our hybrid surfboards. surfboards Hybrids provide easy paddling due to their greater buoyancy at the front, making it more stable. In Flysurf we have the surfboard catalog perfect for each level!

How hybrid surfboards should be

Our hybrid surfboards, are characterized by having more volume, a wide tip and less rocker. They are ideal surfboards to continue working on paddling and standing up, but having more control over the wave. Therefore, they are the perfect surfboard for intermediate surfers who want to continue improving. 

Find hybrid surfboards

En Flysurf, we have the the best surfboards to learn and progress. Before buying a surfboard with which to continue learning and improving, it is recommended determine your surfing level to find out which surfboard suits your needs. Choose the surfboard that best suits you, if you need advice, we can help you by giving you the best surf tips so that your experience is the best possible. visit our blog and immerse yourself in this incredible world of surfing and waves.