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Surf table Shortboards

Do you want to surf bigger waves? We recommend our surfboards shortboard, high performance boards that generate maximum speed, grip and maneuverability. Ideal for more advanced surfers looking to improve their progression.In Flysurf we have the best surfboards to keep improving your level

How they should be shortboards

surfboards shortboards, as the model of 6.2 Dharma shortboardThey are boards designed to be able to have greater maneuverability and control over the wave. Very different from the evolutionary tables or to intermediate level boards. They are boards with a more advanced shape (also called "Shape"), which allow us to easily duck and allow us to control where we want to be on the wave at all times thanks to their size (usually smaller than other types of board). . 

En Flysurf we have the tables for each type of level, our shortboards are designed for surfers that intermediate surfer looking to reach an advanced level, and surf bigger and faster waves, in which to start practicing powerful turns, maneuverability and greater speed. 

Find the best shortboards in Flysurf

If you want to buy the best surfboard to progress, do not hesitate to enter our table catalog on-line. Here you will find tables for each type of level. You just have to choose the one that best suits you and your level of surfing. Also, if you need advice, we can help you by giving you the best surf tips so that your learning experience is unbeatable. Visit our website and discover the best shortboards!

¿How to choose surfboard? Properly choosing the surfboard will allow you to learn better and faster, and gain confidence on it and on the waves. Therefore, receiving specialized advice is essential to continue improving and not get frustrated.