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The key to pass the level

Easy Paddling

Simple Takeoff


first spins

"Boards that help you improve: from the most initial level to the intermediate level."

Surfer Rule Magazine. 

One of our most acclaimed models. The traveller it is an all-rounder that adapts to a wide variety of conditions and surfers. This evolutionary board is designed to make your life easier, making you progress and consolidating your step from beginner to intermediate.

Start practicing the duck and enjoy the wall of the wave nailing the edges and practicing your first turns.

If you have questions, ask us, don't miss the opportunity to learn to surf for real.

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Who is it for?

Our evolutionary surfboard The Traveller It is designed for intermediate level surfers who have already surfed boards around 7 feet and are capable of hitting their first walls.

What will I get with this evolutionary surfboard?

  1. Take the step that every intermediate surfer seeks: advance from "plank" to shortboard.
  2. Start practicing your first turns.
  3. Learn your first ducks.
  4. Catch waves easily due to its high volume.

Surfboard Features The Traveller:

What does the surfboard include The Traveller?:

Board Characteristics


6,6 X 21 X 2,75


55 liters

Weight Range Approx

50 to 90 kg

wave size

From 0,5 to 1,5 meters



Model The Traveller in action:

Design and a lot, but not only that.

This evolutionary surfboard adapts to all types of conditions and surfers. You'll want to take it with you on every trip, as it's great for small swell days, but it's also suitable for bigger days with faster waves and shorelines.

In this video from a session we did in Chile, you can see how easy it is to paddle the waves with this model and how easy it is to learn to turn up and down the wave with it.

Our partners

The Flysurf Family is getting bigger :)

Surfers who have already taken the plunge with Flysurf

Accelerate your progression and really take advantage of your surf sessions

What is Our Flex-Fiber Technology?

Unique Soft Construction in the Market:

Our Flex-Fiber® technology allows us to offer the best learning and progression boards on the market. 

Light and easy to handle boards that, despite their large volume, are built with the objective of speeding up your progression in surfing.

Frequent questions:

Within each product page, you have a tab that says “Technical data sheet”. There you can review the measurements and volume of each table.

All of our boards with Flex-Fiber technology come with an accessory bag to make your experience as complete as possible.

  1. Tote Bag: Reusable fabric bag that you can use for your things on a daily basis.
  2. Fin set: VPS or FCS, depending on the board you have chosen.
  3. Traction Pads: A set of traction pads so you don't have to use wax.
  4. booklet Flysurf: A booklet with information about the maintenance of your board, the rules of surfing, other models, etc.
  5. Sticker Flysurf: A souvenir sticker so you can take us everywhere. 

Boards with "School" construction come only with fins.

Below we leave you a video of what the unpackaging of any of our boards with Flex-fiber technology is like. You won't find anything like it:

Why are there two different prices for the same model? What are the main differences?

The main difference is the keel system of both.

The most economical model, has the VPS fin system It is a system that is characterized by its simplicity, easy installation and safety. It is a more basic system and offers great security against possible impacts for those more beginners.

El FCS system. This system is the most common in most surfboards, so these fins will work for practically any other board. This system allows you to achieve a greater degree of control in your surfing, and improve even faster. In addition, being a universal system, it allows you to equip your Flysurf with other high performance fins. 

We ship to the Canary Islands like nobody else: in 3-5 business days, free of charge and without shipping costs or customs. If you want to place an order to the Canary Islands, enter is located here.

Our boards are made of soft or cork material, but the unique Flex-Fiber construction gives you the feel of a hard board.

We ship for free throughout the Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and the Canary Islands.

Shipping times are 3 to 5 business days.

We are so confident in our products that returns are also free.

Technical sheet

6,6 x 21 x 2,75
55 liters
Weight range approx.
50 to 90 kg
Recommended wave size
50 cm at 1,5 meters

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