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Your real insurance in the water

Feel safe in the water with a comfortable and top quality leash.

Carrying quality material in the water is essential to ensure that you surf safely. Our leashes or surf inventions are the perfect complement to feel comfortable and calm in the water.

Tested in all kinds of conditions to give you maximum protection when you really need it.


Are you learning surfing? !! Congratulations!! Surfing is an incredible sport that brings many benefits to your health. However, you probably still have difficulties in differentiating and recognizing different parts of the body. surf equipment and  surfing accessories. But do not worry, Flysurf is here to help you.
Surely you have heard of leashes, inventions or moorings. These accessories are ropes to help you stay attached to your surfboard. In this way, you will always be close and you will not have to swim to look for it in case you fall into the water. Do you want to know more about them? Visit our online surf shop to discover its advantages!

How to choose the right surfboard leashes or leashes

The leash or invention is an accessory that gives you security on the board, and although it is a fundamental surf accessory for any surfer, it is especially important for beginner and intermediate surfers. However, you have to know how to choose the right one for you. And it is that, there are certain very important factors that influence the correct functioning of the leash and that you should always remember. In this way, you will be able to surf safely and comfortably with it.
First of all, you should choose a leash that is similar in size to your surfboard. In this way, when you fall, the invention will not throw you towards the surfboard and hit you with it. However, the length of the rope also depends on the size of the waves. For example, if they are small, then the leash may be smaller than your surfboard. However, if they are large, then it is better to be larger to avoid pulling.

Follow a correct maintenance of the inventions of surfboards

Although it seems obvious, leashes or inventions also have to follow proper maintenance. And there are many factors that can influence its condition and its useful life. Therefore, it is important a good surf equipment maintenance and thus avoid a scare in the water or having to change them every so often. To do this, you must know certain things that cause them to go bad.

On the one hand, the sun is a factor that negatively affects inventions, since its rays can damage materials. That is why it is important to keep them inside a cover or in the bag. It is also essential that you wash them well afterwards, since salt can also spoil them. In turn, it is very important to separate it from the surfboard every time we save it, since if you roll it up, it will end up taking its shape and getting damaged.