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Our Story

We want to take the opportunity to tell how this beautiful project began in which we have put all our enthusiasm. Flysurf born from the dream of sharing what surfing means to us, two lovers of the sea: Paul and Victor. Our history goes back a few years, when surfing in Chile, we realized how important surfing was in our lives: an energy generator for our body, an engine that helps us get the best version of ourselvesboth physically and spiritually.

Looking around us, we realized that this feeling was not just ours. Everyone who got hooked on this sport changed his life forever. Even for those beginner surfers, we could see the happiness on their faces when they caught their first wave. And we thought, this feeling should be felt by everyone!

However, we notice that there was a gap for beginner and intermediate surfers who with a lot of effort wanted to improve in this wonderful sport. Surfing was dominated by big brands and stereotypes, very focused on those who already know how to surf, without offering a space to those people who are learning.

For this reason, from that moment we set out to create a brand that would serve to facilitate those complicated learning stages and allow new surfers to level up quickly.  

With this objective, We put all our effort into the manufacture and design of boards that REALLY help you reach your surf progress goals. After a lot of effort and dedication, we can now offer quality surfboards, with a unique technology in the market,  that are safe, light and manageable, with which you will reach that level that, like us, will give you moments that will remain in your retina forever.

We want to help you to take that step that allows you to enjoy surfing to the fullest and that lifestyle that brings us so much: More summer, more trips, more friends, more nature, more surfing.


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Flysurf - get to know us


Pablo is a lover of surfing and nature and an inveterate traveller. He understands surfing as an art rather than a sport, as a style of mindfulness or a method of connecting with everything that surrounds you, and that philosophy is one of the fundamental pillars on which we have built this project.


Flysurf History


Víctor is in love with sports and traveling, and if he can be both at the same time, much better. He is passionate about adventure and looking for new corners to explore. Those feelings of connection and learning that one experiences when traveling, or when surfing, are what we want people to come to live with. Flysurf.

Our Mission

Flysurf - About Us - Values ​​1

More than a sport

Promote surfing as a accessible, easy, and safe sport, which is also a means to discover new dimensions of oneself, a journey of introspection and improvement.

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Innovation and Design

Betting on design and innovation to develop The best surfboards for beginner and intermediate levels, being also respectful with the environment.

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Local Culture

Work closely with local businesses and initiatives to support and preserve local surf cultures of those places where we have a presence in the market.

Our Vision

«A society where the benefits of surfing help us connect internally with ourselves, and understand the importance of appreciating, caring for and protecting the natural environment that surrounds us.»

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