The Traveller 6.6: Evolutive Fish

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Heaps of style, but not only that. Like all the "travelers", she is very “open-minded”, and is able to adapt to a wide variety of conditions and surfers. This evolutionary surfboard is designed to be easy to surf, perfect for progressing and facilitating the transition from beginner to intermediate level of surfing.

Her large volume allows you to easily paddle into the wave, giving you enough time to do the take-off. Also, despite her volume, her fine shape offers the possibility of starting to practice the duckdive and nailing the rails into the wave to practice your first turns.

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• Triple wooden stringer.
• Upper and lower deck built out of flex-fiber® with EVA rails.
• Sealed waterproof leash plug.
• Foam: EPS waterproof.
• VPS fin system.

Accessories included:

• Includes a set of 3 removable black VPS fins.
• Includes a Flysurf Tote Bag.
• Includes Hexagonal Pads to avoid the use of wax (20 units).
• Includes Flysurf Guide with everything you need to know about your board.
• Includes Flysurf waterproof sticker.

Data sheet

6,6 x 21 x 2,75
55 litros
Weight range approx.
50 a 90 kg
Recommended wave size
30 cm a 2 metros
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