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Our Beginning

We want to to tell how this beautiful project began from the scratch. Flysurf was born from the idea of sharing what surfing means to us: Pablo and Víctor. Our story goes back a few years ago, when while surfing in Chile, we realized how important surfing was in our lives: it was an energy generator for our body, an engine that ignites ourselves to be as good as we can get, both physically and spiritually.

Looking around us, we realized that this feeling wasnt occuring only to us. Anyone who got hooked on this sport, he/she will change his/her life forever. Even for begginers, we could see the happiness on their faces when they caught their first wave. And we thought, “this feeling should be felt by everyone!”

However, we realized that there was a niche to be fullfilled: beginner and intermediate surfers who wanted to improve with great effort in this wonderful sport didn’t have acces to an equipment that met their needs. Surfing was dominated by big brands and stereotypes, completely focused on those who already know how to surf, without offering a space to those people who were learning.

For this reason, from that very momento, we decided to create a brand that would live to make easier the first stages of the surfing process and to allow new surfers to level up quickly.

With this mission, we put all our effort into building and designing boards that REALLY help surfers to reach their goals in the surfing progression. After a lot of effort and dedication, we can now offer quality surfboards, with a unique technology in the market, that are safe, light and easy control. 

We want to help you take the step that allows you to fully enjoy surfing and its lifestyle in order to live moments that will remain in your memories forever.


Our Mission

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Not Only a Sport

Promote surfing as an accessible, easy, and safe sport, which helps to discover new dimensions of oneself: a journey of introspection and improvement.

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Local Culture

Work together with local businesses and local initiatives in order to support and preserve the local surf cultures of those places where we have an active presence in the market.

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Design and Innovation

We believe in design and innovation as a key factor to develop the best surfboards for beginner and intermediate levels, while being also respectful with the environment.

Our Vision

“A society where surfing might help us to connect with ourselves and to understand the importance of appreciating and protecting the natural environment that surrounds us.”

More About Us

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