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Our Vision

“A society where surfing might help us to connect with ourselves and to understand the importance of appreciating and protecting the natural environment that surrounds us.”

Our Mission

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Not Only a Sport

Promote surfing as an accessible, easy, and safe sport, which helps to discover new dimensions of oneself: a journey of introspection and improvement.

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Local Culture

Work together with local businesses and local initiatives in order to support and preserve the local surf cultures of those places where we have an active presence in the market.

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Design and Innovation

We believe in design and innovation as a key factor to develop the best surfboards for beginner and intermediate levels, while being also respectful with the environment.

Our Beginning

Under the powerful influence of the Pacific Ocean, back in 2012 in Chile, a group of ocean lovers we had the dream of showing to everyone what surfing meant to us. Flysurf was born from the enthusiasm of sharing our lifestyle and help anyone to embrace it.

From the very beginning we had a clear idea of how we could make this happen. The surfing ecosystem was dominated by big brands, stereotypes and rivalries, where there was no room for the beginner surfer. From that moment, we decided to focus this project on making those first learning stages as easy as we could, while transmitting the surfing values that help us so much on a day-to-day basis.

With his aim, we put all our effort into manufacturing and design phases to create creating durable sofboards that could adapt to any surfing condition and at a fair and affordable price. Our goal has always been to transmit the essence of surfing; we are not moved by cameras or business.

The time passing was reinforcing our idea that we had chosen the right path. Our growth brought the first store openings, the partnerships with the schools, the visibility of the general public and the recognition and support through sponsorships. We were already a reference in the Chilean surfing industry.

But we wanted to go one step further…

We traveled the world, we discovered new surfing all over the 5 continents, from J-Bay to Desert Point, from Trestles to Margaret River. And while we learned to appreciate each corner and the small differences that made it each spot special, we also observed how those singularities were disappearing little by little. We were witnessing the slow extinction of local surf cultures as a result of the globalization and industrialization of this sport. And we open our eyes to broaden our goals to become what we are today: a surfing brand that cares for the surfing values, the local culture and the environment.<

More About Us

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